Creation: Love.War.Journey

Posted: 12.28.2009 in journey, love, war

Love, war, and journey are concepts that I have been thinking about for some time with regards to life, God, and scripture.  This has been spurred by my love of God, the Lord of the Rings, and my time thus far at Mars Hill Graduate School.  I also wanted to explore these ideas with more focus and with some sense of community and feedback.   So, please feel free to read as well as  share your thoughts.  I am finding out more and more the benefit of perspectives outside myself.  I have my own thoughts and beliefs, but recognize a good dose of honorable scrutiny and feedback is necessary.  As G. K. Chesterton said, “It is not bigotry to be certain we are right; but it is bigotry to be unable to imagine how we might possibly have gone wrong.”  


Creation strikes into the very heart of each category– love and war and journey. 

Creation is a demonstration of love.  It comes out of overflow of heart and mind and action; whether solitary artist letting out what seems as a burning fire in his/her bones, a team of creative minds gathered to explore, or lovers who come together in desire.  Creating is about giving rather than taking or consuming.

Creation is an act of war.  It is a bringing of light to darkness, of fullness to emptiness.  It is a striking into the heart of the void by imbuing it with meaning.  It is an assertion of the Imago Dei – the image of God – within us, no matter how darkened or broken it may seem.  Creation is a way to bring order to the chaos, bringing redemption into places that lack hope, bringing new to the old.

Creation is a part of the journey.  It is a commitment to a process and vulnerability.  Creation is a means of expressing the heart and the mind of the present. The created acts as an altar that marks the way of where one has been.   Creation involves narrative: it begins, it is being done, it is finished. 

God spoke and it was.  God speaks and it is.  God created and creates.  And His speaking and creating have been attacked, feared, and ignored.  But, within His speaking and creating we find desire for resolution pumping through our arteries and veins, hope that what was intended will be, a thirst for a kind holiness to adjust all that is wrong in the world.   So, this is a place of creation and yearning for resolution. Of loving, warring, and journeying.  I hope you find yourself encouraged, challenged, blessed, angered, and drawn into a more honest and joyful relationship with the triune God.  

Peace to you.

  1. Erich Dorzab says:

    Michael, I love the part about creation involving narrative. Humans are drawn to and sucked in by story. There is something spiritual about story. God is story. Story is all about relationships. You can’t have a story with only one person. (Nor do you tell stories only for yourself).

    If Creation is War, could you also say that the act of war is an act of creation? Creating meaning or order out of chaos?

    How are you defining “creation?” Are you referring to God’s creation of the Earth etc. Or are you referring to the general act of making something from “nothing?” Could your thoughts also apply to my daughter’s drawing? or a story I write?

    Thanks for the deep thoughts.

    • Eric,
      Thanks for your thoughts… some responses to your questions.
      I don’t think that I would put a 1:1 ratio on war and creation. I believe that war can be used as a means of devastation and distortion (think Hitler’s attempts to conquer), but that every act of creation is an act of war against darkness, even if content is not inherently good or godly. The simple use of intention, will, persistence, energy, skill, and vision are all reflections of the Imago Dei within each person. So, if a band creates an album of Satanic metal, the act of creation is still a reflection of God’s image (darkened tho it be), while that holy act is used for unholy purposes. I am still thinking through this and would love feedback, if you have any.

      By “creation” I mean everytime that anyone creates. I began with thinking of the Creation story, which is demonstrative of God’s nature and character and then teased that out a little towards the reality of God’s image in us. Creation as a process is a reflection of God’s nature.

  2. Erich Dorzab says:

    I agree with you that creation and war are not equals. It was simply a thread to follow and ponder.

    What you say (regarding creating unholy things) rings true. God created us in his image. With that comes His desire and and ability to create. He also gave us free will; we can do with our creativity what we want to.

    Creation must also be an act of love. Creation begets sharing. Sharing begets connection. Connection begets relationship. Rarely do we create something to stay locked in a box. Creation is a revelation of ourselves; it is sacrifice. Not only do we share the “product,” but a little bit of ourselves is poured into the “product.” When people look upon a piece of art or read a story, they are viewing a piece of the artist. When we look into the face of nature, we are viewing a piece of God.

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