Journey: Moments from Orcfest

Posted: 01.22.2010 in journey
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For those of you not in the know, Orcfest is a weekend of awesomeness. Over the course of MLK Jr. weekend (3 days), we have friends join us to watch the extended versions of the Lord of the Rings movies. There was food and we used projectors against a white sheet in our apartment. This year in particular has probably been the best in terms of consistency. We had a good group of core folks who came each night. And we let ourselves be awed by such an epic and profound story. I found myself moved deeply (crying, laughing, in awe) at parts and just thought I would share some of those moments that affected me here.

  • Gandalf’s conversation with Bilbo about the ring, which leads to Bilbo leaving it behind.  A true picture of power used to love and benefit another.
  • Frodo stating over the many arguments at the counsel that he would take the ring, even though he doesn’t know the way.  Frodo has such courage.  And the look on Gandalf’s face is like he knows it is right for Frodo to go and that the cost to him (Frodo) will be great.  It is a look like he sent his own son to war.
  • The conversations of Gandalf with Frodo.  Such care and depth and strength.  Makes me want a Gandalf in my life.  Makes me want to be Gandalf.
  • Sam saying that he was getting the hang of fighting as he is hitting orcs with his frying pan. (Early hints of Sam’s kick-assness)
  • “You shall not pass!”
  • The dream of Gandalf falling and taking his sword in mid-fall and fighting the Balrog all the way down.  YES!
  • Gandalf’s freeing of King Theodon from Saruman’s control.  It is such a great picture of freedom and restoration.
  • Gollum’s joyful freedom. It is lovely and profound while it lasts.
  • This sigh that Gandalf lets out just as he is on Shadowfax before he takes off to find Eomer and the Rohirrim.  It is a sign of both current and anticipated weariness.
  • Legolas’ awesome shooting/shield-boarding down the steps at Helm’s Deep.
  • Treebeard realizing that this war does involve him and the Ents when he sees the destruction Saruman caused.
  • The appearence of Gandalf with the Rohirrim as it seems that all hope is lost.  And Gandalf’s face as he engages in a joyous battle.
  • The lighting of the beacons.
  • The Gondor theme.
  • The transformation of Aragorn as one who refused his calling to one who embraced it.
  • The courage of the Hobbits.
  • “I am no man!”
  • Denethor the Steward saying that he wished that Faramir had died instead of Boromir.  Heartbreaking look at a narcissist father destroying his son.
  • Shelob.  So cool and freaky.
  • Gandalf and Pippin’s talk about death.
  • Gimli and Legolas’ ongoing competition.
  • The endings.  All of them.  Frodo seeing Gandalf as he awakens, not knowing that Gandalf had been resurrected and their laughter.  Gandalf blessing Aragorn’s coronation.  “My friends, you bow to no one.” The quietness of the four hobbits at the Green Dragon, knowing that no one there could possibly understand what they have been through. Frodo, Gandalf, and Bilbo parting at the ship.

There are so many other things, but I will stop.  What are your favorite parts or stories?  What do you find yourself connecting with?  Those connections are profound stirrings of things that God and your soul are conspiring for you to understand and embrace and engage.  And if you don’t find yourself connecting with stories, that is worth being curious about as well.


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