Journey: The Church

Posted: 03.09.2010 in journey
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We have a creative project due in Theology tomorrow. Here is part of mine. I would love your thoughts.

The Church

Formed of sinew and sweat, breath and blood

where tears flow as easily as laughter,

and death is a normal channel towards Resurrection.

Prayer is play,

Work is prayer,

All gifts are given and received to bring Glory to

God and the Other.

Reaching back in time

where the ancient practices ground

currents of the present.

Truth and Grace

Weave through languages and traditions, with their

Honoring and transformative colors.

The tattooed and the wrinkled share a few crumbs,

sip of the Infinite Three-in One-

a swirling meeting of brokenness and gratitude

where the Power goes out to the bleeding ones

And the roofs are ripped up to experience such

Unearthly Love and Healing

By violent men and women

Who take hold of

Their hope.

  1. Christine says:

    I love this, Mike. I vote that you share it in class next week.

  2. Jeremy says:

    the tatooed and the wrinkled

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